The Early Music Studio has four ensembles, Collegium Musicum, Ensemble 18c., the Carleton Chamber Players and the Esterháza Duo.

Collegium Musicum

The Collegium Musicum was formed in 2008 as an ensemble dedicated to the performance of 18th century music on period instruments. Currently its core members are Katherine Moller (baroque violin) and Tim Blackmore (harpsichord).

Ensemble 18c.

Ensemble 18c. was created in 2015 as an outreach project of the Saint John Early Music Festival. Its mission is to bring 18th century music to the community, presenting programs performed on period instruments in any location suitable for three musicians to set up and be heard. The Ensemble’s repertoire covers the entire 18th century from Baroque composers such as Bach, Handel and Vivaldi to Classical masters like Haydn and Mozart. Its members are Tim Blackmore (recorder), Katherine Moller (baroque violin) and Robert Lewis (baroque bassoon). 

Carleton Chamber Players

The Carleton Chamber Players is named for Thomas Carleton (1735-1817), the first Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick. The ensemble was formed in 2016 to perform chamber music repertoire from the period 1760-1800 composed for various combinations of flute, string instruments, harpsichord and piano.  The membership of the Carleton Chamber Players is drawn from the pool of Saint John area classical musicians working under the direction of Tim Blackmore (recorder, harpsichord & square piano) and varies in number depending on the repertoire being performed. 

Esterháza Duo  

The Esterháza Duo was formed in 2018  to perform the enormous late 18th- century repertoire of works for piano and violin composed by Haydn, Mozart and their contemporaries. It takes its name from the Palace of Esterháza in Hungary where Joseph Haydn worked as Kapellmeister for Prince Nicolaus Esterházy from 1761 to 1790.  The Duo's members are Tim Blackmore (square piano) and Danielle Sametz, (violin).